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Jul 9, 2008

Maya, Lexi and Emma - Fun in the Park

Here is the latest installment of Maya, Lexi and Emma - some of my favorite girls in the world!

We all (including Dad) headed to the park for some summertime fun. We lucked out - a thunderstorm just passed through, so we had the place to ourselves. Mom and Dad were smart - they just relaxed and let their girls be themselves. I am sure on the outside this session looked like pure chaos with girls running in all directions . I positioned myself in the spot I wanted to shoot and just waited for them to run by. After a few minutes they forgot I was even there... and that's when I got the good stuff. Hope you enjoy!

After running, and running and more running they were ready to sit still - we had about 45 seconds to pull this off!

Maya, who is five, was very eager to help. Here she is carrying my reflector for me - which apparently also doubles as a sun hat. I'll have to keep that in mind... :)

With all that running we only had one casualty - Maya was a trooper.

Guys, thanks for a great afternoon! Can't wait to spend some time together soon!

I love tears...

New to blogging, I usually just post photos from recent sessions. With great testimonials starting to roll in for this season, I've decided to add a few to the site.

Just got an email from Kelly - a client of mine that is getting married in just under a month. We are in the process of setting aside some time to talk about all the final details, timeline, etc. of her wedding.

In her email she writes this...
Chris and I are so excited to have you there!! Have I told you how many
people have told me that they actually cried looking at our engagement
pictures!!?? About half a dozen!

I love tears! Thanks for the great email, Kelly. Can't wait to work with you guys again! The engagement session was a blast! :)

Jul 8, 2008

Michaela & Ryan's Engagement - Portsmouth, NH

I spent some time with Michaela and Ryan a little over a week ago - giving us a chance to talk about their upcoming wedding and do an engagement session. I feel like the last few weeks I've been trying to squeeze photo sessions in between rain storms - this one is no exception. We were originally going to shoot later in the afternoon, but with a gloomy, wet forecast we decided to do the session a bit early. We finished up without a drop of rain. :)

I love shooting in Portsmouth - it reminds me of my native Portland, Maine. Here are a few...

Arman is 9 months old!

Arman is now 9 months (well, 9 months and a few weeks... but who is counting?) Our first attempt to capture Arman at 9 months was not as successful as we had all hoped. It was a dark rainy day, all adults involved - including myself - were exausted, and Arman - the star of the show - was teething. After an hour and a half we decided to can the session and reschedule.

Our patince payed off! The next time around we got a beautiful sunny day and a happy baby! Yippee! Keeping it simple we put a blanket down and let Arman play - here are a few of my favorites of the day...

Jul 1, 2008

Stuart & Lauren - Boston Commons

I drove up to Boston last week to meet with Stuart and Lauren for their engagement photo session. I think I can safely speak for both of them when I say the weather report was making us a bit nervous - but with their wedding date rapidly approaching and their busy schedules we knew we had to give it a shot (with a large umbrella in tow, just in case). As it turned out the weather cooperated just long enough - I didn't run into any hail until I was snug in my car and headed back out of town. Whew!

There are images that scream at me to be black and white - sometimes it ends up being just a few a session, and then there are sessions like this one where black and white images seem to dominate. :)

I am a big believer that less is often more. My absolute favorite images from the session were taken when I had Stuart & Lauren simply sit in the lawn and enjoy each other. Giving them their space, I worked around them to get some of these fun shots...

Just as images scream to be black and white - this one HAD to be in color. :)